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Glenn Torres

Jimi Bingham on coaching Boomer businesses, employee well-being, and the power of persistence

S1 E11 • Jul 1, 2024 • 29 mins

In this episode, Glenn Torres converses with business coach Jimi "boomerbing" Bingham about his journey and focus on Boomer-owned businesses. They delve into the vital role of employee well-being, leadership, and effective communication in business profitability. The duo also discusses common mistakes, the importance of clear roles, feedback, and incentive programs. Jimi shares advice for young sales professionals and emphasizes perseverance. The episode wraps up with a discussion on the 10x mindset and how to connect with Jimi.

Key Points

  • Jimmy Bingham emphasizes the importance of communication, appreciation, and follow-through by employers to create an environment where employees can succeed and feel valued.
  • Persistence in sales and management is highlighted as an underrated yet highly effective strategy for achieving success and driving revenue growth.
  • Jimmy's approach to employee motivation involves teaching self-awareness and the understanding that becoming a great employee starts with a commitment to oneself, ultimately benefiting both the individual and the organization.

Jimi’s Profile

Jimi Bingham, AKA Boomer Bing, is a Motivational Speaker & Business Coach with 40+ years of sales and management experience. He specializes in providing motivational and sales training seminars to the management and staff of diverse businesses, with a focus on maximizing sales and profitability, while maintaining staff well-being and job satisfaction.

Boomer Bing's target market includes businesses that are owned or managed by Baby Boomers, or that employ staff that were born after 1948! Why? Because most Baby Boomers have an inherent work ethic that, with a little motivation tweaking coupled with effective sales training, enables them to appreciate their talents and skill sets and understand their roles as they affect the overall profitability of any business.

A happy, well-trained employee is more productive than the typical employee, and therefore is more valuable to the employer and to their fellow employees. Understanding their role in the organization is crucial to the overall success of a business enterprise, and developing the skill sets that ensure massive productivity can result in exponential increases in profitability for the company and personal satisfaction in the workplace.

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