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Glenn Torres

Exploring the art of closing a deal: a comprehensive guide to 20 rules

S1 E8 • Jun 3, 2024 • 3 mins

In this episode, Glenn Torres delves into the 20 rules of closing a deal. He provides a comprehensive analysis, from presentation and seating etiquette to the importance of humor and preparedness. Glenn also stresses on positivity, agreement, and genuine concern for the buyer, wrapping up with the strategic use of closes and service provision.

Key Points

  • Staying seated during a close, presenting proposals in writing, and maintaining clear communication are foundational techniques in the art of closing a deal.
  • Incorporating humor, persistence, and a variety of closing strategies can greatly enhance the buyer's experience and increase the likelihood of a successful sale.
  • Approaching each interaction with positivity, acknowledging the buyer's offers, and focusing on problem-solving are crucial for building rapport and closing sales effectively.

20 Rules of Closing a Deal

Key Objective: By the end of the presentation, participants will uncover the 20 rules for closing a deal and learn how to use it to close more deals—leading to an increase in their paycheck.

Lesson Overview: “20 Rules of Closing a Deal” covers the 20 closing secrets you can use to become a master at the close. You will discover how to close more deals and increase your paycheck by following the rules inside this presentation.

What Participants Will Learn: ● 20 closing rules to help you become a master closer ● The correct posture to exercise when communicating with the buyer ● Ways to express a positive attitude during the close ● How to be persistent in the close ● How to handle a proposal when closing

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