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Glenn Torres

Kyle Baxter on mastering the four P's, scaling mistakes and the 10x business philosophy

S1 E2 • Apr 22, 2024 • 25 mins

In this episode, Glenn Torres sits with Kyle Baxter, a 10x business advisor. They discuss Baxter's journey, common mistakes in scaling, mastering the Four P's, and the role of leadership in business. They delve into the limitations of consultants, the 10x philosophy, and essential elements for scaling a business. The episode concludes with contact information for Baxter.

Key Points

  • Kyle Baxter emphasizes mastering the four elements of scale – strategy, marketing, sales, operations, and people – as crucial for business owners to grow and scale their companies effectively.
  • The concept of 10x growth is about not thinking small, setting ambitious goals, and being willing to become a better version of oneself to achieve those goals.
  • Kyle advocates for business owners to have an exit strategy in mind from the start, ensuring they add value to their business for a higher EBITDA multiplier upon exiting.

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BIO: Are you ready to get started? If so , message me here on Linkedin or below to connect for a 15 minute consultation(Free) If so , message me here on Linkedin or

CLIENTS SEEK MY SERVICES WHEN: ✅ They need a road map to Grow and Scale. ✅ They need proven strategies that work. ✅ They need to raise their revenue. ✅ They need to identify gaps in their business. ✅ They need to find great people to join their team. ✅ They need strategies to fill their pipelines.

Are you ready to get started? Would you like to Grow and Scale your business to the next level?

If so , message me here on Linkedin or below to connect for a 15 minute consultation(Free)

I became a Grant Cardone Licensee in September 2022 and have been helping business owners grow their marketing using marketing strategies, grow their sales using Cardone U proven sales formulas and have also been a part of many of Grant Cardone's exclusive seminars and training. In February 2023, I partnered with Cardone Ventures as a 10X Business Advisor helping companies Scale their business to the next level with proven strategies, systems, and mythologies. We have worked with over 2500 businesses, and have seen amazing growth in these businesses.

My background is I am a retired Veteran, U.S. Army Airborne Ranger, and I was a small business owner for 12 years, worked in leadership roles manufacturing industries and I have been a Real Estate Investor for over 15 years. I have sold everything you can think of, and over time came up with hundreds of sales tactics coupled with GC's systems. Through the training, I founded a globally renowned training company called the Big Bulldog Consulting.

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