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Glenn Torres

Brian Livingston on transitioning from police officer to entrepreneur, setting financial goals and the power of mentorship

S1 E5 • May 14, 2024 • 34 mins

In this episode, Glenn welcomes Brian Livingston, a former police officer turned entrepreneur. They discuss Brian's professional transition, the role of mentoring and coaching, and the importance of setting financial independence goals. Brian shares insights on audacious goals, marketing, investment, and the strategic use of debt for business growth. He also gives advice to his younger self and discusses the power of mentorship, his mentoring programs, and the concept of 10x. The episode concludes with Brian's powerful mantra, "Do Whatever it Takes".

Key Points

  • Finding a mentor and getting your mindset right about money are crucial steps in transitioning to entrepreneurship and achieving success.
  • Investing in oneself and setting ambitious goals, like aiming to mentor 100,000 people, can lead to exponential personal and business growth.
  • The journey to success requires commitment and putting in ten times the effort you initially think is necessary, but the rewards of achieving your goals are well worth it.

Contact Info Brian’s Profile Website (Personal) Email [email protected]

Brian is a former first responder turned successful entrepreneur and business mentor that has spent the last 2 decades dedicated to growing his own businesses and guiding others to new levels of success. Throughout his life he has taken great pride not only excelling on his own, but also in helping people become the best version of themselves.

His biggest success : When he created the sales process (and then did the sales) for a financial services advisory firm that went from himself, the owner, and a programmer to now being the largest of its kind in Canada (managing over $1.5B in assets with an additional passive revenue source from hundreds of clients paying hundreds a month).

Brian has a special place in his heart for helping first responders become business owners, but he also works with various sizes of companies, from big financial services individuals/teams, transportation companies, oil and gas services, down to small family owned businesses. Contact him so he can show you how to 10X your business.

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