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Glenn Torres

Balancing real estate and life: time management and trust with Michelle Ihegborow

S1 E7 • May 28, 2024 • 35 mins

In this episode, Glenn talks with real estate expert, Michelle Ihegborow. They delve into effective time management, the importance of customer service, and how to balance client relationships in real estate. Michelle shares her advice for her younger self and discusses the significance of trusting your agent. They wrap up discussing the integration of personal and professional life.

Key Points

  • Michelle Higborrow emphasizes the importance of real estate professionals adopting a business owner mindset to succeed in the industry.
  • Effective time management and organization, such as using a color-coded calendar, are crucial for balancing professional responsibilities and personal life.
  • Real estate agents should provide data and market trends to clients, allowing them to make informed decisions, while also demonstrating leadership by guiding clients through transactions.

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Experienced Realtor who has demonstrated history of advising buyers through the home buying process and helping sellers come up with a strategic pricing strategy that will allow them to get the most amount of money for their property based on their desired goals and future plans. Skilled in Sales, Time Management, Leadership, Customer Service, Customer Relationship Management Systems, & Microsoft Office. Strong real estate professional with a Bachelor of Science - BS focused in Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services from University of Phoenix.

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