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Glenn Torres

Scott Miller on reviving businesses, sales pitfalls, and the journey from startup to success

S1 E3 • Apr 30, 2024 • 37 mins

In this episode, Glenn Torres chats with Scott Miller about his professional journey, the role of teamwork in sales, and strategies for saving a sinking company. They delve into the importance of customer service, discuss common sales pitfalls, and explore the difference between product and service in business. The episode concludes with advice for scaling businesses at different stages.

Key Points

  • Scott Miller emphasizes the importance of service over sales, advocating for companies to focus on solving problems and providing excellent customer support to achieve success.
  • Building a successful sales strategy involves understanding the worst problems your company has faced, addressing those issues with the customer in mind, and being available as a problem solver.
  • For businesses at any stage, emphasizing the cost of a customer saying no rather than the cost if they say yes can be a powerful approach to driving growth and making sales.

Scott’s Profile Email [email protected]

Team leader with "roll up the sleeves" and get it done attitude. Not afraid of hard work and loves a challenge...."I'm not sure we can do this" is music to his ears. Is willing to try new ideas and values the input of everyone on the team.

Specialties: Consultative Sales, Six Sigma Process Improvement, Negotiation

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